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PGA-04 Speaker Simulator

PGA-04 Speaker Simulator

PGA-04 Speaker Simulator

The PGA-04 ADIG-LB - Advanced Direct Injection for Guitar-Load Box is the successor to our legendary speaker simulator, which has conquered recording studios world wide and is used by such renowned artists as Keith Richards/Rolling Stones, Alex Lifeson/Rush, Warren Cucurollo/Duran Duran, as well as Eddie Van Halen and Def Leppard, only to name a few...

The PGA-04 is a single channel speaker simulator with a built-in 8ohm load box in a single space rack mount unit. It is designed for using your favorite amp without a speaker cabinet. You can record or use it live for in-ear monitors. The built-in 8ohm load box replaces the cabinet while letting your amp react as if it were pushing speakers. You get the same effect.

This is a passive unit requiring no batteries or external power. It operates from the power generated by the speaker output of your amp.

It has a FILTER section for cabinet simulation which has a volume , low and high frequency control. It also has a color switch for BROWN, a dark mid-rangy tone, and LITE, for a more open and airy tone. The FULL RANGE section has a volume control and a HI-CUT switch. This is a direct guitar signal that is not filtered or dependant on the tone controls except for the HI-CUT switch.

The unit has 2 unbalanced 1/4in outputs and one XLR balanced output. You can use any or all of these at any time. Just plug a speaker cable from the speaker output of your amp into the speaker input of the PGA-04. The internal load box will act as a speaker cabinet. Then plug an XLR cable from the PGA-04 to a console or stage box. The 1/4in outputs can be connected to an FX rack or direct to a power amp.

You can also use a speaker cabinet with the unit by plugging a cabinet into the 'THRU' jack. This will bypass the load box so your amp doesn't even know it's there, but you have a live sound plus all the tonal options of the PGA-04 routed to your engineer.

Try it. You'll love it. And so will your engineer.

Technical Specifications  

* Loadbox: 1/4” jack input with parallel “THRU” jack for speaker operation
* Loadbox input impedance: 8 ohm, max input load: 120WRMS (200W with cabinet)
* Input level display: 6 LEDs
* Output impedance jack: 10K ohm, XLR: 600 ohms
* Level unbalanced OdBu, balanced-10dBu at 25W input
* Controls: Volume Filter, Low, High, Lite/Brown (switch for tone shaping)
* Full range volume for unfiltered signal, used in conjunction with the HI-CUT to emulate the bright sound of e.g., 10-inch speaker
* Both signals with volume control




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